I have been building websites since 2003. Over that time the most important thing I’ve learned is that every website customer’s needs are unique and different.

So I take special care to define their requirements.

It’s the approach applied across my whole work method. I take the time to listen to you, discuss with you, and document for you. Together we plan the most effective ways that your website will match up with your business needs.

The result will be a quality website that gives results.

In-depth planning processes mean you won’t be left stranded by a lacklustre website people can’t even find or isn’t of any value to them. From the beginning the focus will be on performance.

My approach also means that during the site-building process, I stay in regular contact to ensure that everything on your checklist gets ticked off.

And when your project is complete, you can still rely on my continuing support to help you towards your goals.

Geoff Duffell at his work desk
Geoff Duffell at work
Classroom teacher
In a former role as school teacher
Phillip Chalker, musician & founder of Latrobe MusicThe best thing with Geoff is his understanding and patience when teaching me, a legally blind person, and he went out of his way to build a website to accommodate my needs and abilities.
– Phillip Chalker, Latrobe Music


My earliest projects included health and sport websites for not-for-profit organisations. That fitted nicely across my own interests, having given time to support some community sector NFPs, being a long-distance and marathon runner, and (more lately ) a regular cyclist.

Geoff Duffell with cycling helmet
Firmly attached to my cycling helmet

In the beginning I also provided other IT services. But today I’m totally committed to websites.

That’s where my heart is, in web technologies.

Starting with a needs analysis and then creating a website that buzzes with visitors is something that gives me a huge amount of satisfaction.

Is that something you are interested in as well?

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